Thursday, May 14, 2009

Interesting Cars & Strange Bikes

Today started off nicely, sunny and promising, but now it's raining. I was just thinking back to the weekend, when we went to Telč. There was a kind of display of old and interesting cars and motorbikes.

Also some kind of cycling club, where they all dress up in pre-war clothes and cycle round on old bicyles. They went twice round the square and then to the pub!! My kind of cycling trip!

And not one them locked up!

Can someone tell me what this is? (not the picnic basket)

Is it a Jag? A Morgan? Help me out folks.

Weird & Weirder still!

A prop from Where Eagles Dare? Complete with machine gun.

Mobile park bench! & a Nice old Royal Enfield

Another mystery. & Meet the locals!

So, a great day and a great place, visit sometime.


  1. I enjoyed this one, Terry. Is the pic of the square at the top of the post taken in Brno or Telc?

    Telc is definitely on my 'Ace Places to Visit in Czechland' list. I heard that it's really lovely as there wasn't much development there during the Communist period. When's the crazy cycling-fest - is it an annual thing?


  2. All the photo's are Telc.

    The cycling club meets up regularly during the summer I think. We've been told it's always the same routine with a ragtime jazz band then the cyclists head off and go round the square twice.
    They were followed by a small entourage of Japanese tourists taking photo's and a few barking dogs. The cyclists then park up on the square, go for a beer and the band plays on. I loved it!

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