Monday, May 11, 2009

Early Start !!

Early start today, 7.00 a.m. Czechs are nutters, they want classes in the middle of the night!

We went to bed early last night and I fell asleep before 10. Now I’m up dead early with a bit of time.

They have a habit here of starting early and finishing early, some start at 6!! It goes back to the Austrian Empire and the Emperor who couldn’t sleep, so everyone else felt obliged to get up at dark o’ clock.

When they finish at about 2 or 3 in the afternoon, they all seem to do the same things.

  • Go to their 2nd job
  • Work in the gardens
  • Get sloshed

I have to keep working, because a few of them want to do English after work. Dagmar works similar to me, she’s a manageress in a cleaning company, so her job is before and after normal working hours. But she can go home, she’s on call a lot though.

Teaching was good today, last lesson was 4 men who are production managers in a manufacturing company. We practiced doing guided tours of the firm in English.

So, today, it’s home for lunch. What will we eat, I wonder?

So home now, Yes, we’ll have Rabbit!!.

Dagmars folks are from out of town in a small village and they are living the Good Life, just like on the old telly programme!! Except it’s quite normal here, not in Brno maybe, but outside town, most people grow and breed their own produce for the table.

Mum and Johnny were out last year and we all visited them, and she saw the rabbits in their cages “Oooh lovely” she said “you keep rabbits” “For a while” said Dagmar with a little smirk.

In fact we’ve never bought any veg, potatoes, pork and of course, rabbit, it all comes from her parents.

Lunch was great, it’s half an hours rest then back to work. I’ve had a cancellation for the first lesson tomorrow, so I might gown the pub tonight.


  1. great blog, and funny too!!


  2. Thanks Dave

    I feel better now, someone's acknowledged me!

    I got all these flags from round the world watching this, where you from?


  3. Acton, West London

    I've been to Prague twice on a weekend, My girlfriends from Slovakia, she found the site.