Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Four Letter words, Renault Badge

I’ve been meaning to come back to you all about this, and it’s a tricky subject. Why did Dagmar take the Renault badge off her car?

Well… Czechs don’t swear or use bad language like we do in English, they use pictures and there’s a funny shape that looks something like a Renault badge or something lozenge shaped that refers to a part of your anatomy. And if you’re a boy, don’t waste your time looking, it ain’t there! With me so far?

You know, oh come on, surely I don’t have to spell it out do I? Ok, it lives near the little starfish, are you getting close?

Personally, I’ve always been a bit strange about lozenges, even when I had a bad throat. I’m quite fussy what I put in my mouth. I’m talking about Strepsils, of course.

And there’s a rock group here in Czech Republic called Tři Sestry (3 Sisters) and according to Czechs, they are pushing their luck, because they have a symbol like this:

What a bunch of lozenges!!!

The point is that Dagmar doesn’t want something on the front of her car that says

“I am a Lozenge!”

I've just looked at my flag counter I've got 29 online, from round the world. Yahoooo!!

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  1. Here, I'm leaving a comment because I like your blog:)
    Keep up the good work!


  2. Thanks for this explanation, I drive a Renault and when I told my friend he looked at it and said "what a twat". I took it very personally at the time. He was obviously only looking at the badge.