Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dagmars driving experiences and her little car. She’s driving I’m drinking today (I’ll need one !!)

Dagmars got a little Renault Twingo, you can’t buy them in England, they’re too easily confused with a Twingo biscuit , which is chocolaty and a bit less powerful then the Renault version.

She loves this little car, always cleaning and polishing it. She has even special music that she’s recorded for playing in it. But!! She never plays music in the car, it would be too distracting in big, nasty, busy Brno, with it’s terrifying junctions and also other scary cars (that’s all of them) that come too close.

She has a mental list of junctions that she’s petrified of, and it’s quite a long list, very long in fact. They come in 3 categories;

1. Very scary
2. Even more scary, enough to give you bad dreams
3. So terrifying that you have to drive an extra 5km to avoid them

But she drives everyday somehow as part of her job, usually quite slowly with her nice pointy nose almost touching the windscreen. Her knuckles are usually white with pressure, reminds me of an overboard sailor clutching a piece of driftwood.

She zips along at 25 – 35 kph, with a long queue of admirers behind. Oh yes, the Renault badge, she took it off, just a blank space now. I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.

Today we’re going to Telc, a small historical town. There’s going to be some historical cars parked on the square.

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