Monday, January 18, 2010

Terry is back in Brno.

Sorry folks, I've been away, back in Kentish Town, London actually. Well it didn't seem right to be writing about my experiences in Brno if I had scuttled back home. Well not alone actually, Dagmar came with with me and we lived at my Mums place. Honza, her son went to stay with his grandparents in village out of town, he hated it, no freedom, no girls, no internet and long bus journeys to school. We tried him in London over Christmas, but no, he wouldn't speak English, everyone just assumed we had a not very clever son, to the point that I got fed up disowning him. (He's actually just my stepson you know, I would say over and over again)

Needless to say, Dagmar got pissed off with me and completely angry at Honza. Pity, we both managed to get get decent jobs, I found a job as a facilities manager again and Dagmar found work as a receptionist in the City, where she was far too popular with all the males in the building.

So, here we are, knee deep in snow, back in our flat. I dug the car out of her parents garage and it still goes vroom vroom. Apart from a half eaten sandwich that was a bit smelly after 6 months, the car is ok. We didn't dare take it to London. Just to recap, I love my car it's an Audi A4 estate, left hand drive. My ex girlfriends parents bought it, they're wealthy and bought a house in France just before my ex threw me out. They were too busy to buy the car, so they arranged for me to buy it for them. But the car went in my name, the next day the ex threw me out and I used the car to move my things and sort of kept it. More about that later, there's been a development and in my favour.

More tomorrow!!


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