Monday, January 25, 2010


Not too much about Brno this week.

Nothing pleases me more than discovering the truth and not feeling even a little bit guilty any more. And I have to say that Johnny, Mums boyfriend, is nice to have on your side. He looks like a Mr. Pickwick type, a bit plumpish, good natured, but very very sharp. Always full of friendly and clever advice.

Let's go back to about 3 – 4 years ago. My girlfriend then was Margaret, she was an HR Manager and I was the facilities manager, both working for a bank in the city. She usually came down to bollock the guys in the postroom for something or another, we had a drink after work once and that was it, before I knew, we were living together and then after 6 months we moved to new flat she had found. It was in a nice part of town near Farringdon station and it was big and expensive. I could hardly keep up with my part of the rent, yet she had no problems with money, thanks to her parents.

After a while, I noticed that if we went out , she had to foot the bill, and I even had to ask for money, just to go to the pub. Anyway, I got fed up and had a few wild nights out with the traders, which didn't go down well, as it was before I handed over my hard earned cash. I could never figure it out, I actually earned more than her. So, Mags got the hump, kicked me out and I kept this nice new car.

Mags and her family went nuts, chasing and calling me, I left the company, then left the country. Fast forward to 3 months ago in London. This is when Johnny did a property search on Mags' flat and the owner turns out to be.... Mags. The cow was charging me rent and she paid nothing, her Dad had bought the flat for her.

It gets better, Mags somehow heard I was in London, turned up in our local with her parents and confronted Mum and Johnny. Johnny's a strange guy, he looks like a big bald teddy bear, but can turn into a grizzly when required. I got a text, saying to come round to the pub sharpish and saw this affable character turn into a deadly serious top class lawyer and the drop of a hat. Mags' Dad, a civil servant turned a colour that was a light greyish white, almost translucent. And when Johnny mentioned about the flat and me paying rent, they left quietly and quickly. We really thought that was it, but Mags called me later to speak to me and wanted to meet up.

The next day, she came to Kentish Town, so I met her in a cafe, she wanted me to go think about me and her getting back together. Just long enough for her to get the car back I thought and I was right, she asked me where it was. Just then my Mum and Dagmar walked in, on cue, I should add. So, that was that, outclassed in looks by Dagmar and outstared by Mum, she left. The cars not even new anymore, but her family didn't want some hoi polloi getting the better of them.

Anyway, back to the present and we're back in Brno and happy, it might be -17 outside at night and it might go on for at least another week, but I like it here.

Dagmar's looking for a new car and a new job and I¨m back teaching, but I'm still not too busy. The last language school I worked for has gone bust, more through laziness than anything else. The owner was a big dreamer and also liked spending money.


  1. Hello!

    I was just checking out the blogs from London with a swift eye, when I saw something about CZ. You know, as a (former?) student of the czech language and a fluent speaker of Esperanto, it just made sense reading what you had on your mind. And, the name Dagmar, that is a norwegian name. Not much in use, though, these days.

    I love London, and I keep coming back. I think I will make London my second home.

    I am a writer from Oslo, Norway.

    Have a nice London-life!

    Geir, Oslo, Norway.

  2. I came to this blog by accident, but I found very interesting. Greetings to all who visit here.

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  4. Thanks Guys, you know I've a few posts coming, just been putting it off.