Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday Evening

We went out for a nice lunch today, up in the Vysocina area. They call it Highlands, but it doesn’t look much like Scotland. Driving out in the countryside is ok here. They don’t believe in cats-eyes and there’s loads of potholes, but the traffic is very light and you can do your own speed most of the time.

Honza’s gone to visit his mate and compare computer games, so we’re alone in the car, just listening to the radio.

I like the radio here, it’s better than the UK. There’s far more channels and a much bigger range, in England it’s either the BBC or Rap, here you can get normal rock and pop. Most radio stations play 50- 50 Czech and British/American music. I was listening to something as we drove home and commented to Dagmar that I liked Czech music, “It’s Slovak” she said.

We do get the BBC world service here, if you’re interested in the latest news from Africa, which is all it seems to pump out these days.

It’s not very popular here now and according to most Czechs, pretty pointless unless you’re from Africa.

Sunday evening’s a sleepy inactive time. Honza’s actually away from the computer and watching a dubbed American detective thingy on TV. Dagmar’s ironing some shirts and watching a pohadka (fairy tale) on the little telly in the kitchen.

I’ve just been sitting on the balcony having a fag and a beer and watching the world go by. I wonder about Mum and Johnny, and if they spoke today, they’re a long way away, but they seem to have taken over my life the whole weekend.

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