Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Tea, Kids

Well, it’s a beautiful day outside, all sunny and nice, someone outside’s just annoyed a tram, it’s making a noise like a big doorbell. Honza, Dagmars son, is just leaving for school and she’s making a pot of tea. I’ve really got her converted to English tea with milk, she even buys normal fresh milk now, not the long life stuff that they seem to like here. You can’t buy normal tea here, it’s all that herbal stuff and they drink it with lemon and leave the teabag and the spoon in the cup when they drink it. Yes, weird tea drunk weirdly.

I suppose you could say they eat a continental breakfast here, sounded exotic when I saw it on a hotel menu when I was a kid, but in reality it’s just cheese and bread and soggy ham. I normally have toast, and marmalade brought over from England, along with loads of Sainsbury’s Gold teabags.

About Dagmars kid, Honza: He’s 15 now and a right randy little git. It all started about a year ago with wet dreams, she was moaning about why his pyjamas were always being deposited in the washing machine, I curled up! Then it seemed to stop and then one night we heard loud screams and moans coming from his room, he’d been watching something on the internet and in his excitement, pulled the headphones out of the socket. It sounded like he had a girl in his room, Dagmar said. Well he did, sort of, I thought.

Then last week we went out, but came back a bit early, and when we got through the door he had some girl completely stripped off on the couch. Dagmar noticed she still had socks on, can’t say I was looking at her feet. The poor girl just whipped a big cushion over herself and said “Dobry Vecer!” (good evening)

Yep, he’s a randy little git. And that’s just part of the problem. The other part is that our Kate is up to something similar. She went on holiday to Spain last summer, with her friend and friends parents, both girls wanted to go out and they ended up in a music pub. The parents went out a bit later for a wander around town, and saw the 2 girls through the pub window, completely sloshed and dancing topless on the tables. Talk about the shit hitting the fan! She’s got a boyfriend now and he’s apparently always sniffing round the front door.

So now these girls want to come here and it’d be nice to have them over. But we’re worried that it’ll turn into a big teenage shagfest.

Dagmar’s never met our Kate and she’s looking forward to meeting this voice on the phone, even though it only says, “Can I speak to my Dad please?”

We’ve got 2 weeks and we’ll clear out the spare room for them I suppose.

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